Sunday, March 29, 2009

Only three weeks of work to go!

I picked up my motorcycle's been in storage for the winter, and it felt so good to ride again. The weather was in the 50's.

I'm excited that the city we'll be leaving from prior to our final takeoff to Bulgaria is Washington D.C. It is so hard to believe that I'm going to be in another country in less than two months.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Still trying to figure out this blog thing. I put the RSS address in my Connected PC page, but I don't see the I am posting this to see if it will update.

Prepwork for Bulgaria

So..preparing for Bulgaria takes a lot of time. I'm scheduled for my staging (this is where I will meet the 50-60 other Peace Corps volunteers) to meet on May 19, and will be leaving for Bulgaria the following day! As of right now, we do not know where we will meet for the Staging..we get that info about 5 weeks prior to leaving.

Right now, I am focusing on learning the language, figuring out what type of luggage I will be bringing, and signing up for a self defense class. And of course, reading as much about Bulgaria, and their history and political structure as possible.

There is so much more to get done, and the weeks are flying..I can't even begin to imagine the adventure ahead.