Friday, October 16, 2009

I hate this..i think the mouse in the kitchen is trying (successfully) to terrorize me. I was being brave and going into the kitchen to finish dishes..and I feel this tap, tap, tap on my slippers..thinking, I'm spilling water while doing dishes I casually look down..and there's this mouse, it keeps running and throwing itself at my foot, of course I can't stop screaming. So, I fix the mousetrap that I bought, wondering if it can really work. I decide that I have to eat, so I'll rush in finish the one dish left to wash grab food and rush out; only when I go to turn on the water, this friggin mouse jumps out at me from the counter where the sink is. I'm scared..really scared now, almost to the point of accepting one of my friends cats.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mouse, since I moved in I've heard these gnawing sounds in my living room and bedroom. I looked everywhere, under my bed, under the bureau with a flashlight, i lifted the carpets and thought I narrowed it down to just being bugs in the wooden floors, because everytime that's where I tracked the noise back to. So..I sprayed the wood with the bug spray we got from the Peace Corps; it didn't work. But, when I go to sleep and I hear it, if I bang hard on the floor or near it, the gnawing sound stopped. So..just this morning I read Val's blog, another PCV and she mentioned she saw a mouse in her place..oh yucky, i don't like 'em. And sure enough, I walk out of my bedroom, into the living room on the way to the kitchen and there is this really fast, black blur that headed right into my kitchen. I did the only thing I could do..scream, and then I shut all the doors around the kitchen, hoping it doesn't get out. I asked the 'maestro' that is putting the big lock on my door today and finally putting in my heater to what to buy to get rid of the mouse. I'm really scared; is there more than one mouse?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

it's already October?!

Just a quick entry say Happy Birthday to my dad!!! Love you dad.

Oh..and I will be in a relay race, on Monday, running for our Municipality..for a holiday celebration! Also I’ve been having fun teaching the adults English class..soon to start are the kids classes of English as well.

..and for those volunteers coming this way for the Halloween celebration, feel free to come on Friday and help out with our school celebration of Halloween the day before! The kids would be very excited to meet other volunteers.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


It has been a while since I posted..but, too much happening not to post. I am very happy to say that in my opinion, I have one of the best cities to work in, in Bulgaria. Not only are the people enthusiastic and welcoming, but I live next door to a transportation hub, and also next to a great college town.

I had fun this week meeting with many of the kids and Directors of the different schools here this week. I got to help out in the High School’s ‘Ecological Day’, and help make traditional dolls, and go on a nature hike with a group in another class. I think there is a lot of potential in working with the older kids in a business class, and talking with the younger kids about the environment and importance of recycling. I’ve got notes everywhere, and it has been a real challenge trying to stay organized. Having these meetings has really helped with my Bulgarian speaking skills. I’m sure half of way I say still makes people say, ‘what the?’..but for the most part, they seem to understand me, or I can at least get my point across.

I have been teaching an English class for adults in a nearby village. The first class was a little rough..since after all, I have never taught, much less in Bulgarian language. But, by the second class I could feel my confidence coming around. Tomorrow is the third class, and I think I’ll be starting a kids class shortly..that should be interesting.

So..what have I been up to for fun? I have some really fantastic Bulgarian friends here. It seems as though we often wind up in group discussions about America and Bulgaria. Almost always these include my good friends Katya and Elena; and Zuza and I go to dance classes together, and I have found some pretty entertaining and fun outdoor group activities to participate in. It’s pretty easy to talk about America, as everyone has questions about it..and Bulgarians are always excited to share information about their history and traditions. I went to a RockFest last weekend and a club after..that was a fun evening. I tend to wind up at unexpected ‘na gosti’s’ often.

I am, of course, still doing my running. It’s what keeps the stress away for me, and a great way to start the day.

It’s funny to me, that I get a little nervous everytime I go to a meeting or have a group of Bulgarians I am meeting up with, because I am always a little anxious about if I will be able to say what I want to say in Bulgarian..but you know what, things have pretty much always turned out well. Either someone in the group will know a little English, or I start remembering more of my Bulgarian.

Another Bulgarian instructor gave a frozen rabbit. Yep, I cooked it and ate it. I couldn’t eat it the first night though..because you see the four legs and body of the cute bunny. My mom had told me ‘it tastes like chicken’, and mom, you know what, you’re right..pretty tasty. But it’s still not fun to cook.

Hi Silky..Hi Navigator. I haven’t had a chance to write you two back. Hope you’re still out there on those beautiful bikes of yours. I’ll be thinking of you both when you’re hopefully riding in the Halloween rally to Salem!

Last think..i don’t think I’ve mentioned how Bulgarians answer the phone, and to me it’s the funniest thing. The closest I can come to what it sounds like is Alo, only with a ‘w’ instead ‘Awo’. Say it a couple times. Tell me you don’t think it’s kinda funny :)

Take care all..send me some e-mails and posts!