Thursday, December 9, 2010


Did you know:

This morning I was in a café with two of my good friends Kiril and Hrisa..the topic of the morning was in American Indians. Now..if you don’t know where Bulgaria is and you are this blog..look on a map. It’s Eastern Europe. It was really odd to me that both of them (Hrisa and Kiril) liked to read books and watch films about the Indians in the United States ,long ago when they were kids..I mean, it is just odd to me that Eastern Europe 30 to 40-some odd years ago was watching films about American was an interesting conversation..including that after WWII, these books and films were banned because the author was known to be a favorite of Hitler?!...(remember now..this is my translation of what I understood..the conversation was in Bulgarian)

Last year, I headed back to my host family’s place for Christmas. This year, I am a being a bit of Scrooge and staying home (to chat with family on Skype)..but, since I am around my city and villages I work in, there is so much going on..I’m happy that I’m sticking around. I was recently invited to one of my good friends oil painting exhibition. Here is the link to her work, Irena Lutinskaite (she is from Lithuania, but lives here in Bulgaria)
..but I have to say, the pictures barely do her work justice..she is a very talented artist, and I plan to buy one of her pieces before I leave. And back to that small world again..turns out my hiking friends know my artist friend, and one of my English teacher friends..I don’t why, but it still surprises me when all of my Bulgarian friends know each other..In the United States all of my different groups of friends were very separate and different persons..but here in Bulgaria, I feel like all the good people know each other.

Another great friend of mine, Stella, is a great photographer; and if you would like to see some beautiful pictures of Bulgaria, check out her link at:

I really need to get some pictures of my new classes I am soon as I get my new camera I will be posting pics again..i’ve got my fingers crossed to have it before Christmas..there’s so many invites and activities I want to get pictures and video clips of to remember; my kindergartners are adorable..they know how to ask a persons name, and answer..they know their number 1-6, (because they are 6 years old)..they know words of the alphabet up to P (for Pumpkin), they know Head shoulders knees and toes, and they know walking, running, hopping, and sit down (this for some reason is their favorite word)..I could write plenty about all of my classes, because I really like my students.

I don’t know if you’all have noticed, but I have noticed that the longer I am in Bulgaria, the worse my spelling and grammar have gotten when I am typing out these posts..

Monday, December 6, 2010


Hija Gramadliva – hiking with my tourism group

Good people, good friends
Warm-patches of wind
Dew covered eyelashes
Trees w/o sickness, koledari, Bai-Stan
Rakia, red wine, dancing
Pictures..lots of pictures, Katia
Huge water puddles
Muddy trails..very muddy trails
Karma, Life, Daisy
Map-making; Dec 1 tales; Didka
Snow touched trees and leaves
Freezing cold..side of the road
A ride home, Planimir
No waiting at a busstop!!