Thursday, November 26, 2009

So, i had an absolute fantastic weekend, and I hope everything will go smoothly this upcoming Thanksgiving weekend. I had originally planned to go back to visit my small village that I lived in during training (since all my winter stuff is still there)..but my friends convinced me to stay in town, and it was completely worthwhile. Katia helped me teach English Saturday morning, and then her mom picked us up and took us to their village, and made a most delicious meal. Everything was spiced just right. Then her mom brings in blankets and pillows (because most rooms in Bulgarian houses have small beds in them) and we took a nice long nap after chit chatting and watching American television; and this was followed by coffee and dessert. It was just such a relaxing day. And the next day a group of us went to Nicopolos ad Istrum.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Greece and Spain

I have to say..and I’m sure I’ve said it before, I could never get through the Peace Corps without my really good friends; Both in the USA and in Bulgaria. Often, I get messages from you all, and when I do, it really makes my day!
So, the past couple months have absolutely flown by and I’m sure the next two will also. So, you ask..what have I been up to lately? Oh..too many things to write, but here is a quick, okay maybe not so quick, synopsis:
Halloween party for the kiddies, turned into a real disaster, but I survived to leave that evening for Greece, with the teachers of one of the schools here, and from there I went to the coast of Spain to visit my brother and his girlfriend.