Ludo Mlado - Traditional Bulgarian Dancing

I dance with the traditional bulgarian dance group 'Ludo Mlado'..I will be adding videos of our performances.  Oh, and you'll always notice I mention the dance name as a Horo - This is what they refer to as the type of traditional Bulgarian dance.

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We recently had our 3 year anniversary..yep, they started the same year that I arrived, and I have been dancing with them for the majority of all three years.  They had a concert at the cultural center, and here are a few of the many great performance they put on!

This first one is a compilation of 3 dances we performed in Gorna Oryahovitsa.  You may not be able to tell..but we were all sooo nervous :)  The first dance is called Djanguritsa, the second is Petrunino, and the third is Vlashko

This next one is called 'Djanguritsa' of my first harder dances to learn..everyone's a little more lively here since it's not a performance

..and this is Shopsko'll notice a really great dancer with white pants..that's Dancho - he's our intructor..a really good instructor

This is Elenino Horo..most people in Bulgaria that dance Horo's (and that is a lot of people) know the Elenino Horo.

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