Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back from the States

A nice easy to listen to Bulgarian song reccommended from a good friend:

So, I recently went home..back to the United States to visit friends and family after living here in Bulgaria for two of these days, I'll try to sit and write a little about it.

There were so many great things, like spending time with my mom, and seeing my brothers bar for the first time, and meeting my nephew (who I had not yet met)..but surprisingly there were a few things that disappointed me as well. The food, for example. I was really looking forward to eating a big juicy hamburger..or drinking a Dunkin Donuts coffee again. I guess after 2 years of fresh fruits and vegetables, and a different food menu here, my taste buds have changed a little. Oh..and seeing the waste of food everywhere..that was disappointing. I guess the worst thing though was sitting for 9 friggin hours waiting for a Delta flight, that ended messing up all my flights..flying is never fun., I posted some new pictures I took while in the United States..To see them, scroll to the bottom of this page and click on Tricia's New Pics.

Also, I change the songs weekly (maybe monthly) on the left hand side. They are Bulgarian songs..just click the play button to listen!