Saturday, April 25, 2009


The countdown begins as my days in the USA now number less than 30! Please join me on my journey as my intentions are to post to this blog weekly?! If you click the 'Follow' button at the end of this page, you will be notified when I post additional entries.

Thanks to all of you who are able to make it to my farewell dinner. It will be great seeing friendly faces after spending the week packing, moving box after box into storage, cleaning, closing accounts, and shopping. It's amazing how difficult it is to close down one's life in one country. Kind of scary..So, the big moto trip starts Tuesday..keep your fingers crossed for good weather for my ride!

Sunday, April 12, 2009 stressed or concerned? Why, oh why would I be feeling these things. I guess because I only have 5 days of work left, and I have yet to pack for the big moto trip home, pack for Bulgaria, buy a laptop and external hard drive, put my whole life in storage, and say good-bye to all my friends out here in just a little over two weeks, and continue learning as much about the history, culture, and language of Bulgaria as possible. And scarier yet..In one week, one day I will be in Bulgaria! I'm so excited just to get there already!