Monday, July 12, 2010

LESS THAN ONE YEAR TO GO!!! case you aren’t on my Skype list, you may not have heard that I lost my laptop in a storm..messed up the, I was originally okay with this, until the very next day, the municipality I work for decided to change their mind about allowing me to go on a hike. Yep, the day before I have to leave, they decide that my work is ‘unsatisfactory’ (apparently I don’t bring in enough $ for projects) now, I don’t have a laptop (my connection to the outside world) and I am not going on a hike I’ve had planned for some time. If it weren’t for our MidService Conference with all the other volunteers in my group, I might have lost my mind. But..don’t worry; as I always say, everything happens for a reason. I usually tend to focus more on my Bulgarian friends, but this time, I really needed the break to connect with other volunteers. It seemed to me like a lot of other volunteers also were having difficulties, but I also heard a lot of great ideas and completed projects. As for the laptop that got fried during a storm, well..maybe I had been spending a little too much time on it. I have had a growing list of subjects I want to study (fixing motorcycles and Dive master for scuba diving) well as things around the apartment that need cleaned, and organizing the time I finish with the ‘to do’ list, I should be getting the fixed laptop back. And for the cancelled hiking program director is coming for a visit to review what Peace Corps is all about with my new counterparts, and what my goals are as a volunteer. The municipality and I seem to be on two very different pages and we have difficulty connecting, even though the residents of the city are open to these ideas..since they don’t bring in money, but instead promote community development.

4TH of July and Mom’s visit

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first..I think my computer’s dead. I came home from my 4th of July party dead tired, and climbed into be awakened a couple of hours later by a huge thunder and lightning storm. People are always saying to unplug your computer during these storms I got up and unplugged it. In the process of doing this I happened to see my clothes on the drying line outside flapping all around..and once again getting wet. So..I run out and grab then as quickly as I can..still getting completely soaked. This morning I woke up, plugged the computer in, tried to turn it on..and..nothing.
So..let me backup to some happier moments on the 4th of July. I had a 4th of July gathering in the city I teach English. We had paper airplane contests, tossed water balloons (my good friend who wasn’t so keen on playing got drenched)..sorry about that Hrisa, had a drawing contest, listened to good American music, ate and had a relaxing day. And to top it off, a good Bulgarian friend of mine, Daisy, that I haven’t seen since almost a year ago showed up! I’m glad that I celebrated the 4th of July here! Many of my neighbors remembered the holiday as well and offered me ‘chestit praznik’ (happy holiday) as I was leaving in the morning.
Okay..and my favorite, favorite visit was from my mom. Just like when I left for the Peace Corps, this was my moms first time leaving the USA. I tried to prepare her before she left, to give her some idea of what to expect. She met many of my good friends and ate lots of Bulgarian food. We talked, and walked and laughed..a lot. I think she saw some of the more trying issues I deal with here. I am very happy and proud of her for coming. The only thing is..I really miss her and America since she’s been gone.