Friday, August 6, 2010

Still no computer..'s hard to post often, when I've been without a computer since the first of June..and it's amazing what can happen without one. Clean apartment, many fresh ideas for projects have been fleshed out more, I have a lot more contact with friends. I also got a chance to see some great dancers at the International Folk Dancing festival (I cheered loudest for Mexico!)..all the countries had amazing dancers. Portugal really surprised me..very happy music and light on their feet..I also replaced my volunteer work at the Municipality with some great new organizations..I finally made it to the Black Sea (which by the way was a blast..jumping in the waves and diving under them)..but getting a bad virus after wasn't so fun.

I'm excited for the upcoming year here in Bulgaria..many, many new ideas from residents here. It's odd to me, seeing myself progressing from a trainee who found it difficult to say 'Thank you' in the Bulgarian language, and feeling like a frightened schoolkid (never having left the USA before), to now, a comfortable mid-term Peace Corps Volunteer..and yes, I can hold up my end of a conversation in Bulgarian :)

Two more weeks..only two more weeks, and I should have my computer back and running, and I'll be heading back to the Black Sea with a school camp.