How-to's from BG

How to make cirene po shopski (my favorite):

This is one of my favorite things to eat in Bulgaria in the winter..because it is so easy, and so yummy. 

First, you need to have a gyuvech dish – they can be small (for 1 serving), or large for many. 
Guvech dish
..then, there are many ways you can make the dish..but the one I like most
Pour a film of oil in the bottom of the pot
Layer tomatoes, baked pepper, and cirene (white cheese, similar to Feta)
..after 15 minutes when everything is cooked down, crack an egg on top (and I think put it back for 5 more minutes. 

Ohh..this is so yummy to me..sometimes they put meat in it as well.  I always open it, mix it up and let it cool an bit first.

How to make glazed clay pots.  I visited the owners of this shop in Merdanya, and they showed me the process.

The paints
The stove where everything is baked

                                                She's making a decorative candle holder

Here are a few of the final products

How to make freshly squeezed grape juice
Geno always has new fun activities.  Today, we picked grapes..probably at least 4 different types of grapes

After cleaning them, we have fun mashing

..then, you strain it and drink is some very very strong tasting grape juice..but all natural!

How to decline an invite to lunch:
I love my visits to the villages, and meeting with Geno..the hardest part though, is to decline to eat..wherever you visit in Bulgaria, they are always great hosts..and always food available for a visitor.  But when you visit 4 people in one day, it is hard to find room for all the food to eat.

..even though, I've already said I don't have time to eat the first time, and here again I am declining, I am already resigned to the fact that I will be eating again :)

How to teach kindergartners English:
These were my kindergartners from my 2nd year of's amazing how quickly they can soaked up long as there's a game or song attached to it.

How to Dance Horo from the Veliko Turnovo horo festival:

 This group..Luti Chushki (it means 'Hot Peppers' was one of my favorite groups

How to play the BG equivelant of Duck Duck Goose:

In one of the villages, we had an Easter egg hung, and games with the kindergartners.  First we played Duck Duck goose, and then they showed me how to play the Bulgarian version..but I forgot what it's called :(

How to Dance Syrtaki:
 Syrtaki is not Bulgarian dance but a Greek dance, but we always have fun dancing it..

How to make banitsa:  I can admit..I am not a great cook.  But everyone always says how easy Banitsa is to make.  The only way I can remember all the steps is by watching the step by step video with my friend Kremena  :)

I can now bake a pretty decent Banitsa!



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